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I`m an IT-Consultant for Microsoft technologies, specialized in the area of user experience and mobility.

bevore that I studied Media Informatics at the LMU Munich and persued my thesis at the ILab in Calgary/Canada under the supervision of Nicolai Marquardt and Prof. Dr. Saul Greeenberg.

Im interested in Human Computer Interaction, Mobile and Distributed Systems and the Web. On this website you can find information about my projects and look at my personal picture gallery.


Gradual Engagement paper at ACM Interactive Tabletops & Surfaces conference 2012 Oct 28, 2012

Gradual Engagement - paper was published at ITS 2012 conference together with Nicolai Marquardt, Saul Greenberg, Sebastian Boring and Ken Hinckley. It's based on my diploma thesis and shows how digital devices can interact as a function of proximity. read more ...

Cover article in the ACM Interactions magazine Jan 29, 2011

Proxemic Interactions: The New Ubicomp? - cover article in the Jan/Feb 2011 release of the ACM Interactions magazine, by Greenberg, Nicolai Marquardt, Till Ballendat, Rob Diaz-Marino and Miaosen Wang: It covers our theroy about Proxemic Interactions and two of my projects (Proxemic Media Player and Proxemic Pong). read it

Official launch Oct 24, 2010

I'm very happy, that I have finally managed to launch this website! It should serve as a repository for all my work and non work related projects as well as a place for personal updates. I'm happy for every comment concerning the design or content of the site.